Ken Monicatti

Celebrate the life of Ken Monicatti

Ken Monicatti, Founder, All Seasons Communications
January 22, 1943-March 20, 2019

On March 20, 2019, we said goodbye to our founder of All Seasons Communications.

He was the original “idea man.” He was a father, brother, teacher, mentor and guide to us all. It won’t be the same without him crafting the big concepts (and letting us sweat the details,) bringing us the mail and asking where the candy was being hid.

His smile, laugh and jovial manner was the sunshine of our office.

In the wake of Ken’s passing, some of the longtime members of the All Seasons Communications family got together and shared favorite stories, memories and wisdom that we will always remember and attribute to our founder, Ken Monicatti. Here are some we’d like to share.

Sense of humor
I can recall at my initial staff meeting that Ken commented, “I have underwear older than you.” (Being 30 when I started at the company in 2000). Of course, I heard the same joke, in a few different variations, for nearly every new employee that came after me.—Dave

His commonly used expression “It’s not about the money … it’s the amount” still makes me giggle.—Cheryl

When going live with a TV station prior to the opening of an HBA show, he told me “Don’t say F***!” I had a good chuckle. Still do!—Kristen

I loved that he called me “kiddo.” He may have called everyone else that too, I don’t know, but for some reason it made me feel special. There were several occasions when I came into the office very early in the morning and he was sitting on his porch, in the dark, just waiting for me. “Hey, kiddo!” he would say … I would jump a mile!—Kristen

Financial advice
Ken used to tell me that “(Paying) Retail is for suckers”—Whenever I’m shopping for a big-ticket item, I hear these words in my head and am reminded to negotiate. Just think of all the money I’ve saved in the past 20 years!—Cheryl

Although he advised me to ignore the daily volatility of the Stock Market and focus on long-term results, I would always find him closely monitoring the daily volatility of the Stock Market on the Fox Business Network every time I visited his office.—Dave

Business wisdom and leadership
Ken believed in the adage, “Surround yourself with people smarter than you.” Of course, Ken was very smart on his own, but he felt strongly that he needed to hire smart, creative people who he trusted and respected. He regularly referred to us as “colleagues” rather than employees.—Cheryl

I always enjoyed listening to Ken sharing stories about advertising from days long past. His knowledge of the various industries he represented and the people involved was always insightful and appreciated.—Gretchen

When he was deciding to hire me, my interview with him was simply a casual walk out to the “Barn” which included a conversation of our mutual love of dogs. This is still a criterion for employment at ASC to this day.—Dave

He made me smile and made me feel like I had been working for All Seasons for 30 or more years. He embraced me into the ASC family right away, with the no questions asked.—Kristen

He reminded me to always “Do what you love.” Ken never thought of his agency work as a “job.” He loved writing, creating and coming up with new ideas.—Cheryl

Ken was always a good person to bounce ideas off of, be it a new logo or a public relations angle. He had an eye for visuals and a way with words.—Gretchen

After retirement, whenever he stopped in the office (which was almost daily), he would come in the back office to say hello and would always ask, “You guys having fun?”—Erin

Ken was always fond of reminding me that new clients and new projects were “job security.”

I remember that I set the office alarm off (twice!), and Ken came to the rescue both times in a matter of seconds. He had my back.—Kristen

Throughout many show seasons, Ken would inquire about which stations we were going to be on, with a promise he would watch … which he always did.—Gretchen

His love of TV and radio
Ken thought that Seinfeld was one of the best TV shows of all time (and I agreed). He could regularly quote it in conversation, and point out the silly times that something “would make a good Seinfeld episode.” —Cheryl

One of his many mementos adorning his office was a stuffed-animal version of the TV character “Alf.” This sparked the realization of our mutual love of that show. I was honored when he bestowed upon me that stuffed Alf which is now a permanent fixture on my office desk.—Dave

When riding for hours in the car with him to and from client meetings, listening only to talk radio, as a 20-something, I was initially tortured, but gradually grew to enjoy the different topics and the conversations between us that it sparked. I recall he used to ask me (with a jokingly disgusted tone): What do YOU listen to in the morning? Music?—Cheryl

I loved when Kenny-boy came into the office and walked over to my desk with a "hi Gloria-girl" and poked me with a finger and said "I gotcha last!" He was my baby brother and was always teasing me from the time he could talk and walk until he left me all alone in our family. His jokes and stories were always with him and ready to be released at any time. He loved making people laugh.—Gloria

He was an extremely loyal man. You can tell by his lifelong friendships and the people he met through business dealings. It seemed he knew everyone and everyone knew him. Above anything else, Ken was one of those people you liked to be around. Ken’s standard answer to the question “How did you play (golf) yesterday?” was always “We had fun.” He loved golf and spending time with his league buddies.—Cheryl

Ken always asked all of his staff about our parents and kids by name. When we would ask him how he was doing, he always diverted the conversation back to us. He was quite selfless and such a good man. —Erin

On behalf of both current and past agency staff, we would like to thank Ken for being the founder of the agency we call home, and for being a great boss, mentor and friend. We will forever look up to him for what he created, and appreciate him for allowing all of us to be part of it. In a few short words, we will miss him dearly.